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The Board of Trustees and the President of 
Philadelphia College of Art 

cordially invite you to 

a reception and preview of 

Young Designers 67 

Exhibition of Outstanding Student Work 

Friday, June 9 4 to 7 pm 

at the College 

Broad and Pine Streets, Philadelphia 

The exhibition will continue 

through June 30 9 am to 5 pm 

Monday to Friday 

There is no charge for admission 

Young Designers 67 

A tradition at the Philadelphia College of Art is the 
annual presentation of the Young Designers Exhibition 
at the close of the College year. More than 900 students 
present to the public their finest work in a month-long 
exhibition. Representing every department, over a 
thousand works of art will be on exhibition in the gallery; 
the Main Floor and in the Courtyard Studio. The Young 
Designers Exhibition offers the public a rare opportunity 
for a perceptive and encompassing view of the techniques 
and creative development of young men and women 
whose influence on our surroundings and the progress of 
art in many fields will be marked in the years ahead. 

College Scholarship Fund 

PCA, a non-profit institution, offers four-year degree programs to 
train artists and designers for business, industry, education and 
the fine arts. The cost of this education has risen sharply in recent 
years. Tuition pays only 65 percent of each student's education. 
The College thus is providing a 35 percent subsidy for each 
student and must seek support from individuals, corporations, 
government and foundations. 

Fully 25 percent of the students require outside financial 
assistance. Because of these factors and rising enrollment, it is 
essential that PCA's Scholarship Fund receive the fullest 
support of the College's friends. 

This invitation carries with it an appeal to give your considered 
support to our Scholarship Fund. For your convenience, a card 
and envelope are enclosed. 

Board of Trustees — Philadelphia College of Art 

Rex H. Anderson 
Roberto. Bach 
F. Bruce Baldwin 
Mrs. Harry A. Batten 
George D. Beck 
Warren Blair 
Philip A. Bregy 
John William Brown 
Edward G. Budd, Jr. 
Edward K. Cratsley 
H. Richard Dietrich, Jr. 
Hugh K. Duffield 
Philip J. Eitzen 
Stephen S. Gardner 
Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 
H. Ober Hess 
Charles E. Ingersoll 
R. Sturgis Ingersoll 
Peter Kyropoulos 
Austin Lamont 

Thomas B. McCabe, Jr. 

Robert Buchanan Mitchell 

Ronald K. Porter 

William L. Rafsky 

Mel Richman 

Samuel R. Rosenbaum 

Mrs. Lessing J.Rosenwald 

Mrs. Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 

Norman H. Strouse 

Robert M. Wachob 

Mrs. Otis Walter 

Philip H. Ward, 3rd. 

Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 

Howard A. Wolf, Chairman 

Frederick M. Yost 

Honorary Members 

Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 
George D. Widener 
Mrs. John Wintersteen